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Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrushes?

May 13, 2023 3:44 am

The tools you use when you brush and floss your teeth can affect your enjoyment and the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine. There are a multitude of toothbrushes and brands to choose from, including electric and manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are a popular dental tool. You’re likely wondering if you should switch from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush.

Both electric and manual toothbrushes can effectively clean teeth if used properly twice a day for two minutes each time. However, there are some convenient benefits to electric toothbrushes that manual toothbrushes can’t quite provide, such as:


Instead of setting a timer on your phone or guessing how long you’ve been brushing, many electric toothbrushes have a built-in two-minute timer. Some even buzz every 30 seconds to remind you to switch quadrants in your mouth.

Different Cleaning Modes

Some electric toothbrushes have a variety of modes for brushers to choose from, such as teeth whitening setting or modes for tooth sensitivity, deep cleaning, and gum care.

Powerful Bristles

The bristles of an electric toothbrush move at high speeds to gently remove bacteria and food debris from teeth, while not irritating your gums. Electric bristles move faster and more consistently than a manual toothbrush, which relies on your dexterity and force.

Ease of Use

An electric toothbrush cleans off plaque with the motion of its circulating bristles. This means you don’t have to do as much motion with your arm or even use as much brain power. Electric toothbrushes are great options for people with limited mobility or patience, those suffering from arthritis, or patients who dread brushing their teeth due to boredom. Manual toothbrushes require more effort and patience.

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