Emergency Dentistry in Petaluma, CA

We hope you never have to experience a dental emergency. Whether it is something like a severe toothache or a knocked-out permanent tooth, we understand that dental emergencies are never pleasant. Fortunately, at Alma Dental Care, our experienced team members can provide you with high-quality emergency dental care that will give you peace of mind and relief during this unpleasant time. Don’t hesitate to call our office for emergency dentistry. We can get your oral health back on track right away!

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What counts as a dental emergency?

It is common to wonder what a dental emergency is to determine whether or not you need to see an emergency dentist. Most of the time, a dental emergency refers to any sudden and severe oral issues that require immediate attention to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, or save a tooth. Some common examples of dental emergencies include severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, losing a filling or crown, and chipped or broken teeth.

How can I relieve pain while waiting for emergency dental care?

We understand that in some situations, it may take some time until you can visit our office for emergency dentistry in Petaluma. While we’re proud to have a same-day emergency dentist available, should you need to wait, we are more than happy to provide instructions on what to do until your visit. We often suggest avoiding very hot or cold foods, rotating a cold compress on the outside of the affected cheek, and maintaining oral hygiene to prevent infection.

Do I need to prepare for an emergency dental appointment?

Our same-day emergency dentist is well-equipped and experienced to handle any dental emergency you may encounter. However, we may ask you to prepare for your emergency dental appointment with a few instructions. If you have a knocked-out tooth or a lost dental crown and can find it, we ask for you to bring it with you. We also recommend keeping your dental records and insurance information handy.