Month: April 2023

Closeup of fingers holding a string of floss with blood on it

Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss?

April 29, 2023 8:07 am

In our blog post, we reveal possible reasons why your gums bleed when you floss. Contact us for help improving your gum health!

A young woman holds up clear aligners next to a teeth model wearing traditional braces

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

April 22, 2023 8:54 am

In our blog post, we explain some of the differences between Invisalign clear aligners and traditional metal braces.

Aerial view of broccoli and lettuce leafy greens that will strengthen your teeth and gums

Foods to Strengthen Your Smile

April 15, 2023 3:20 pm

In our blog post, we suggest which foods to prioritize in your diet if you want to strengthen your teeth and gums.

Illustration of the stages of tooth decay to full-blown cavity

What Causes Tooth Decay?

April 8, 2023 12:38 pm

Discover what causes tooth decay by reading our blog post. Please contact our office with any questions!