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Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

December 31, 2022 8:00 am

Wisdom teeth are also called the third molars. These late-blooming teeth are located at the very back of the mouth and are the last teeth to surface in the mouth. Despite their name, having them won’t make you wiser! If you have them, usually 1-4 wisdom teeth emerge between the ages of 17-26 years, a time of your life when you are considered more wise than when you were a child. Unfortunately, these molars commonly cause discomfort and pain, overcrowding, and other issues.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is often recommended due to a lack of space in the mouth. If your jaw is not big enough to make room for your wisdom teeth, they can get stuck in your jaw or grow into neighboring teeth, causing damage. Additionally, since wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth, they can be difficult to clean, which can increase your risk of tooth decay, infection, cysts, and bad breath.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It is understandable if the idea of wisdom teeth removal makes you nervous. However, Alma Dental Care offers relaxing sedation dentistry. Plus, our team has the knowledge and experience to remove your wisdom teeth gently and efficiently whether they have fully emerged, partially emerged, or are still under your gums.

Recovery after your extraction will last several days. You should plan on taking it easy for at least a week. Eat soft foods, rest, drink plenty of water, and avoid straws, tobacco products, and vigorous physical activity.

Tooth Extractions in Petaluma, CA

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? At Alma Dental Care, Dr. Serrano and our team can take dental X-rays and examine your mouth and jaw to determine if you are ready for wisdom teeth removal. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation! We would be happy to help keep your smile healthy and pain-free.

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